Exhibition Introduction

     China Textile City curtain fabric wall fabric Exhibition (hereinafter referred to as: Keqiao Curtain wall fabric Exhibition) originated from the international textile capital - Shaoxing Keqiao, held every year spring and autumn two exhibitions. Since the first spring exhibition was successfully held in February 2017, the exhibition scale, exhibition efficiency and industry impact of Keqiao Curtain Wall Exhibition have been steadily rising, not only officially upgraded to a national exhibition in the autumn of 2017, but also become an important part of the strategic plan of Keqiao District of Shaoxing City "monthly exhibition, fashion show every day".

       As an international textile capital, Keqiao is not only famous for its garment fabric industry, but also a national curtain fabric and wallpaper wall fabric production base. Keqiao curtain wall exhibition can be called the exhibition standing on the shoulders of giants, based on the reputation and strength of China textile city, so that the development and growth of the exhibition like a tiger! With the continuous maturity, improvement and accumulation of the exhibition, the good service and excellent quality provided by the exhibitors have made more and more buyers, designers and dealers recognize that "Keqiao's products must be high-quality".

Exhibition Of Advantage

1.Location advantage

       At present, Keqiao is the world's largest curtain trading base, but also the world's largest window screen production base, Keqiao curtain exhibition is the door of the exhibition. The exhibition will bring together the industry's most well-known excellent curtain brand enterprises, leading the most cutting-edge design concepts, and launching the latest and most fashionable excellent products, which is a grand ceremony of the cloth industry.

2. Channel advantage

     Keqiao Curtain Exhibition is China textile city curtain fabric industry's national professional exhibition, set communication, display, trade in one, diversified channels docking wholesalers, retailers and supporting enterprises, the real formation of seamless industrial chain docking, to achieve zero distance communication, accurate procurement. Keqiao will be built into "China's finished curtain brand base" and "China's finished curtain industry chain gathering area" through the exhibition.

3. Information advantage

        Each exhibition is equipped with a summit forum and industry development trend summit, inviting many industry big players to share the theme, promoting in-depth exchanges from all walks of life in the industry, jointly helping Keqiao curtain fabric industry to achieve butterfly change jump, leapfrog development, and provide more technology, information, resources and other support for the high-quality development of the industry. We look forward to working together to build a new type of curtain industry and build a new future for the industry.

4. Spread advantages

    Established a marketing team of more than 60 people, and is expected to invite 200,000 customers; Precise one-to-one invitation to the surrounding areas; Online media publicity includes Tiktok, Sohu Focus home, Today's headlines, paper media publicity and wechat public account push, etc., focusing on strengthening the delivery in short video platforms; Promote the exhibition both online and offline.