Range of exhibits

Curtain type: fabric curtain, gauze curtain, louver curtain, roller curtain, Roman curtain, vertical curtain, bamboo curtain, wooden louver curtain, ceiling curtain, organ curtain, dimming curtain, curtain curtain, open and close curtain, wooden curtain, straw curtain, electric curtain, art curtain, remote control curtain, PVC curtain, blind, folding curtain, organ curtain, water curtain, empty curtain, invisible curtain, etc. Window decoration series: rod body, modeling head, hanging ring, bracket, plug, electric track - divided into motor, remote control, track, rope, installation base, etc., cloth, cloth belt, hook (also divided into Korean, Chinese), lead, lead line, track, Roman rod, etc.

Curtain accessories type: curtain head (main material, lace, belt), curtain body (curtain, gauze curtain) (curtain = main material, hole, satin, rope, lace, side matching, cross joint, flower, hanging, binding, edge hook), lace, etc. Curtain processing machinery: folding machine, pleating machine, cutting machine, sewing machine, setting machine, height cutting machine, Korean folding machine, binding machine, inspection machine, repair machine, locking machine, folding machine, inspection machine, cutting machine, multi-needle machine, fabric inspection machine, vertical cutting machine, splicing machine, etc.